Frequently Asked Questions


Your satisfaction with all aspects of the VinConnect experience is our highest priority. With that said, certain alcohol laws prevent us from accepting returns or providing exchanges or refunds, except in the case of purchases made in error. Please contact us at 434 218-2120 if you are not satisfied with your experience and we will do what we can to address your concerns.

We partner with wineries in Europe to deliver their customers a “mailing list” experience just like you would receive from a U.S. estate.  New releases are emailed generally 1-3x per year, and deliveries can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months or more depending on the specifics of the offer.

Releases are generally available for 10-14 days.  At the time of your order, your deposit allows us to secure the wine on your behalf.  Once the order deadline arrives, we gather up all the orders and make a single purchase from the winery.  The goods are then transported to our warehouse in Washington, DC where they are prepared for shipment.

Once all orders are picked and packed, we notify customers that they are available and suggest (based on the prevailing weather) whether we prefer to go ahead and ship or to hold for more favorable conditions at no cost to you.  Customers always have the option to have us ship or hold at their discretion, as well as the ability to upgrade to expedited service by paying any incremental cost.  Shipping fees, if applicable, are charged at the time the shipment leaves our warehouse.

The icon in the upper right corner has a profile drop-down menu, where you will find a link to My Subscriptions.  There you may easily join new lists or remove others you are no longer interested in.

Absolutely not. We will never share, swap or sell your email address to any other entity. You will receive communications exclusively from the wineries you have signed up for, and the occasional message from VinConnect regarding new launches or other important information. Click here to see our complete privacy policy statement.


To order, simply follow the link in the email to our eCommerce platform.  If this is your first order with VinConnect, you may need to create an account and configure your billing/shipping addresses and credit card information. Then on future orders your information will automatically populate and the process will be highly automated.

Members are generally limited to purchasing their maximum allocation, however you may always request to order additional bottles. Simply use the comment field in the order form if you would like to make such a request; if extra wine is available at the close of the offer, the winery will grant your wish for additional quantities and we will amend your order to reflect the changes.

Orders are firm commitments to purchase, and alcohol regulations only allow us to provide cancellations or refunds in the event of an order placed in error.

In general you are under no obligation to purchase any wine you are offered. However, in certain cases if a list is closed to new members, a failure to purchase your allocation may result in losing your preferred status on a given list to enable other more enthusiastic members to have an opportunity to participate. At this time there are no such lists on VinConnect, but it is possible such lists may exist in the future as demand continues to grow for the worlds top wines.

Shipping and Delivery

The short answer is yes. Through third-party service providers we currently are able to get orders delivered to all 50 U.S. states plus DC.  Much more detail about zones, rates, taxes, and other considerations can be found on our website’s Shipping page.

In order to ensure that your wines are protected from adverse weather, we generally advise against shipping in the middle of summer or winter. In those cases we are happy to hold your order at no cost in our temperature-controlled warehouse until conditions are more favorable. That said, if you would prefer that we ship your wine for whatever reason, you may always request that at your own risk. You may also select expedited delivery options if you are willing to pay the incremental costs.

When your order will be available for delivery depends on the unique circumstances of each individual release. Generally wines are offered before they are available in the U.S., and they can take several weeks to arrive and be available for shipping. In other cases the wine may already be stateside and delivery can take place in as little as 3 weeks following the close of the release.

Each release notice includes our expectations about the delivery timeline for those orders. To check for the current expected delivery availability for any of your existing orders, simply select the “order” tab from the drop-down account menu in the upper-right corner of this page.